Common BodyBuilding Errors

There are different things that motivate guys to go into the gym. Some of them are trying to lose fat and get rid of the “spare tire” around their waists. Some of them are scrawny/skinny and want to build some muscle so they will look better. Regardless of his motivation, no man expects to walk into a gym then look exactly the same a few months (or even a few weeks later).


There are different reasons that guys fail when the try to build muscle and I’m going to share just a few of them in this post.

One thing I’ve seen guys do is fail to follow any kind of systematic weight training program. They’ll walk into the gym and just start throwing weights around without any clear direction. Some of them even use terrible form, which increases the risks of injury and minimizes the effectiveness of your training. I would recommend check out MI40x if you want an excellent guide for building muscle (here’s a good review of it:

Another way guys fail big-time is in the area of nutrition. I’ve seen guys who wonder why they aren’t getting any bigger or stronger. I’ve seen others who aren’t losing body fat. In both of these cases it isn’t uncommon that they have not made any adjustments to their diets. If you want to lose fat then keep in mind that you can’t “out train” a bad diet full of high-calorie foods. On the same token, you can’t build muscle without giving your body plenty of protein. The bottom line is you have to change what you eat if you want to change your body. There’s just no way around it.

One final thing I’ve seen is that some guys waste too much time, energy, and (last but not least) money on bodybuilding supplements. I’ve had guys ask me all kinds of questions about supplements that are just minutiae–they are irrelevant to building muscle or losing fat. What I would recommend is you stick to some of the basics like creatine and protein and don’t put any thought into it beyond that.

I hope this little article will help you avoid these mistakes I’ve observed.